The Art of Effortless Health

It is interesting to know that the phenomenon of disease is a purely human phenomenon. Chronic diseases, especially the so called lifestyle diseases do not occur in any other species apart from human beings. All other creatures on this planet are healthy effortlessly. Health is not an issue for any creature except human being. Animals and birds enjoy superb health just by living a normal life. It is ironical that only the most evolved of all species, the human beings are cursed to develop diseases and ultimately die a painful death. There is something fundamentally wrong in the way human beings view and live their lives. The problem must be so fundamental that it has even stopped appearing like a problem. It appears to have become a norm for the whole humanity. During my medical and specially Endocrinology education I have come to realize that the most basic disease generating aspects of life always go un-detected, un-discussed and un-solved. For example, if genes dictate lot of human disease, then we must know how to obtain a healthy set of genes. If our choices of food and lifestyle cause diseases, then we must know why we are tempted towards an unhealthy lifestyle and food. Only if and when we know these fundamental causes of disease, we will be in a position to solve them. The deeper we go, the easier it becomes to solve the problem. In words of the famous Chinese philosopher Lao Tsu ‘A problem should be solved best, before it occurs’. At that level minimum or negligible effort is required to solve a problem that after some time is likely to become uncontrollable and unsolvable.

Personally I prefer to call my approach ‘The Lens Level Solutions’. Origin of this term is interesting. You must have seen that when you watch a film in a movie hall, the big picture on the screen is caused by a seemingly small but dense ray of colored light coming out from the lens of the projector. If you wish to change the picture on the screen, you may make effort at the level of the screen. Huge effort will be required and yet it will not deliver the desired results. However if you operate at the level of the lens, negligible and totally un-noticeable effort will result in massive effects on the bigger picture on the screen. A small dot or a line is all that is required to radically alter the picture on the screen. The term lens level solutions actually means effort at the most fundamental levels where the effort doesn’t feel like an effort and the problem doesn’t look like a problem. At that level just a genuine, undiluted and unadulterated wish is all that is needed. It is true though, that at the lens level the picture is very hazy and unclear. It is just an amalgamation of changing lights. There is no picture there and yet the whole picture is there. That hazy beam of light is the seed of the entire bigger picture being seen on the screen. You change the seed and the final picture gets automatically changed. My health solutions are just like that. They are in other words, altering the seeds of diseases. At that level, the picture is very hazy. At that level it doesn’t look like a disease. You can’t imagine that in due course of time it will become a serious disease on the vast screen of life. Still the effort is interesting and worth attempting.

When I talk of ‘Effortless Health’, I don’t mean that you sleep all day long and you become healthy. I simply mean that you do what you intuitively feel like doing. When you do something because of a strong internal urge, it doesn’t feel like an effort. It rather feels like an unburdening, a great relaxation, and bliss. While you hate to do a particular work, someone else always looks forward to opportunities of doing the same thing. Playing football for five minutes is a punishment for a man of fifty years who has never played anything in the last thirty-five years. For a boy of twelve playing football for even two hours is not enough. The final arbiter is whether you love the work you are performing or not. If you love it, it is bliss and if you don’t love it, it is a great effort, a burden, a Herculean task and even a curse. I am simply asking you to be truthful to yourself and do only what you love doing. I guarantee you that if you stick with me for a significant period of time, I will change your internal system and you will start loving only what is good for your health. Have faith that neither the nature nor your own mind has any animosity with you. You have to just follow your own instincts and things will start changing. Even to follow my program, you have to be truthful to yourself. In the beginning itself, follow my program only if you tend to feel attracted towards the idea or else just ignore this.

My program has two essential parts. The first part is the physical part which I call ‘The Magic of Ten”. This is the tangible and doable part. The Magic of ten is a powerful mind body holistic health program that will cleanse your system deep inside. After this thorough cleansing, your mind and body will function differently. Your mind will then give you the right signals and directions and the body will be much fitter to adopt the healthy lifestyle. Once you start the program whole-heartedly, it becomes a self sustaining program. After some time you will not require my advice. Your systems will look after themselves. The second part of my program is the intangible philosophical part. This is actually the soul or essence of the program. This is conducted in the form of lectures and question-answer sessions with a group of interested audience. Lectures are based on what I have learned about how human systems work both at biochemical as well as the psychosomatic levels. We will also try to understand how people get born, how they age and become diseased, and ultimately how they disappear. We will discuss about the mechanisms of the mind, about how personalities and preferences develop and how they can be manipulated. Knowledge gives power. When you know how you have become what you have become, it becomes much easier to turn on the right switches and put off the wrong ones. I am conducting regular sessions in the Conference Hall, First Floor, Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital, Sector-1, Vaishali, Ghaziabad NCR) on the first Sunday of every month at 10 AM. These are free sessions and every body is cordially invited. I call this method ‘Thought Therapy’. These sessions work like medicines and just like any other medicine they will benefit some, will have side effects on others and will have no effect on the remaining. The discussion part will also be conducted over Email. All my community members will be free to ask questions and post their comments on their space, which all other community members will be able to view. I will give my messages and comments from time to time. I happily go to offices, housing societies, colleges, clubs and social gatherings to discuss the essence of my program. You can call me wherever there is a group of people interested in my philosophy and methods. It is difficult for most people to even entertain the concept of effortless health. What could not be achieved with great effort seems impossible to occur by itself. The idea will germinate after a few sessions of Thought Therapy. Gradually things will become clearer and then onwards much will happen by itself. What I am saying in simple words is this, ‘Hundred years of healthy and good quality life is possible for most people. The parameter of good quality life is that the hundredth birthday should be celebrated on the dance floor and not on a hospital bed. And for this, just one condition is required that one should not do anything to achieve this. One must learn the fine art of effortlessness’. I am definitely trying to write a new chapter in the manual of healthcare. In this regard I will also advise you to go to the section of ‘Spiritual Endocrinology’ in my website.

You may wonder how thoughts will improve health and work like medicines. In the beginning it is difficult to understand this, just because presently you have contradictory thoughts about the processes of life. If you had been taught in the school about how thoughts lead to diseases and how manipulation of thoughts can have healing effects, then my work would have appeared very logical. Human beings have got many unique features that make them distinctly different from all other creatures. One of the several unique features of human beings is that they are very avid learners. They learn and evolve all their lives and the ability to learn is inherent to their system. They just can’t exist in any other way. Continuous learning and evolution is the only option for human beings. Learning may be formal as in schools and colleges or informal as in day to day life. Learning affects the human systems in two ways. Firstly it changes their behavior and secondly it gets stored in the hard disc of mind in the form of information or a set of thoughts. Learning at these two levels is strongly interlinked. Your thoughts shape your behavior and your behavior gives you new experiences of life and thus changes your thoughts. Human behavior can be studied and intercepted at three strongly inter-related levels; Firstly, at the most external level of actual behavior or the level of actions, secondly, at the inner and hidden level of thoughts and lastly, at the innermost core level of attitudes and psyche. Thoughts are the seeds of actions and attitude is the seed of thoughts. By one particular type of experience, two different people react in two different ways and develop two different types of thoughts. This difference is caused by the difference in attitudes. I can’t directly touch your attitude or psyche in any significant way. It is beyond any body else’s control and normally it is even outside your own control. If I want to change your external actions, it is not going to have any long lasting effect. It will be very superficial because the newer actions would not be emerging from any deep seated urge. Thoughts actually form the interface between your external actions and your innermost attitude. And thoughts can be easily manipulated. Manipulation of thoughts alters the attitude and then changes the actions and behavior in a big way. And this change is long lasting because it emerges from inside. Predictably all big revolutions are caused by development and propagation of new and alternative thoughts. Whatever I am writing in this letter is a set of new thoughts for you. If this tends to change your attitude and actions in some, even if in a very minuscule way, then you can understand the power of thoughts. In simple words thoughts influence your emotions and subsequently the secretory pattern of your brain. In due course of time specific thoughts lead to specific diseases in specific people. Change of thoughts changes the body chemistry and ultimately thoughtlessness brings disease-less-ness. And at the moment this is also just another though for you.     

I am attaching the physical (and equally important) part of my program “The Magic of Ten’ in this welcome message. You can start working on it straight away. This will immediately start changing the chemistry of your body and functioning of your brain cells. I have chosen Metabolic Syndrome (MS) and Diabetes as the main theme of my program. This is indeed the cause of death in more than two thirds of the urban population. My own understanding is that the same methods that are important to prevent MS are also important for preventing all different types of diseases including infections, cancers and even accidents. Ultimately the human mind-body system is one organic whole and every thing affects everything else. I also sincerely invite you to my regular sessions in Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital, Vaishali on the first Sunday of every month at 10 AM.

If you find this program useful and interesting, I will request you to please send the message across to all those whom you care for. In a very subtle way when you help others, you actually help yourself. We will talk about this in our sessions.

And lastly I must clarify that I am not trying to prove or achieve anything by this program. If somebody feels that I am wrong, I will not argue for my case. I will simply accept defeat and avoid any confrontation. To be honest, I am just living my life and doing what my intuition is guiding me to do. I am doing all this effortlessly and this gives me immense happiness. I thoroughly enjoy my work. And that’s all about it.

The Magic of Ten

          Ageing is the fundamental human disease. The process of ageing is inherent to human system. In due course of time the process of ageing brings in it’s wake several disease entities like Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension, Arthritis and ultimately Ischemic heart diseases and Stroke. One very important common thread that binds all these diseases together is Metabolic Syndrome (MS). MS is currently the most important disease entity in the present era. The incidence of MS is strongly age related and is fast rising all over the world and especially in India. MS manifests in the form of central obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, high levels of uric acid, Triglycerides and low levels of the protective HDL in the blood. Ultimately it paves the way for the terminal life ending events like Heart attack, stroke and brain hemorrhage. Heart diseases and stroke are currently the leading causes of death in the urban societies. They account for more than two thirds of the total deaths in the modern urban and even semi-urban societies.
Diabetes that is one prominent component of MS, is considered the mother of all diseases. It is a lifelong disease and leads to serious complications. Lifestyle management is the cornerstone of treatment for Diabetes and MS. If lifestyle is well managed, control of Diabetes and other related diseases becomes easy and a long and healthy life can be guaranteed. If these modifications are not made, gradual deterioration and eventual development of complications is certain. Complications of Diabetes include renal failure, blindness, paralysis, heart attack, gangrene of feet, repeated infections and impotence. Diabetes not only reduces the quality of life but also the total lifespan. Below described are the ten simple steps, the golden rules that can revolutionize your life. You religiously follow these ten simple steps and a healthy and long life gets automatically guaranteed. That is what I call the ‘The Magic of Ten’. It is a powerful mind-body health program that effectively tackles Diabetes, Metabolic syndrome and their various complications.  All the ten points are equally important and complimentary to each other. They all are therefore to be followed together.

The Ten Magical Rules for Ideal Health

  1. Diet: Eat less and eat healthy food. Generally avoid sweets and soft drinks, deep fried food, fats, potato, red meat, alcohol and refined carbohydrates like white breads and fast foods like burgers. Take plenty of salad and vegetables, normal quantities of fruits, pulses, toned milk and milk products and relatively lesser quantities of chapattis / rice. Non-vegetarian people can eat fish or chicken. Use very small quantities of cooking fat (refined oil, mustard oil and ghee in equal proportions), salt and spices. Eat slightly less than your appetite. Never ever overeat. Finish dinner by 7 pm. Reduce alcohol to 100 ml / week or better stop totally. Stop smoking, tobacco and Gutkha etc. Use natural antioxidants like tomato, sprouts, tulsi leaves, lemon and amla. Never ever overeat. Eat freshly prepared food as far as possible.
  2. Exercise / Aerobics: One hour of aerobic exercise such as jogging, brisk walk, cycling, swimming, dance or outdoor games. Aerobics charges your metabolism like nothing else.
  3. Yoga: 40 minutes of yoga including postures (Aasanas), Pranayaam and Meditation. The effects of yoga are very deep and penetrating.
  4. Fixed Daily schedule: Follow a fixed daily schedule. Maintain the rhythms of life. Physical degeneration significantly slows down if biological rhythms are preserved.
  5. Sleep: Seven hours of good quality sleep in the night should be guaranteed. Sleep refreshes all the mind body systems.
  6. Manage the mind: Develop a happy, satisfied, peaceful and loving mind. Don’t complain. Just find your way, decide your actions and enjoy them. Observe the peculiarities of your mind. Pure observation, free from criticism or analysis, changes the characters of the mind.
  7. Regular high quality sex: Sex keeps the hormones flowing. It maintains a youthful body & peaceful mind. It is a great stress buster and some sort of a physical exercise. Thorough indulgence in sex ultimately brings authentic celibacy.
  8. Take regular Breaks: Monotony of the office should be broken regularly and in different ways. Such breaks keep you young and enthusiastic and retard the ageing process.
  9. Follow your hobbies: Do what you love doing as much and as frequently as possible. This tends to transform your system in a big way. When you whole-heartedly follow your passion, you move to a different level of existence.
  10. Know who you are: You are not just a body and mind phenomenon. The physical body and the mind are constantly changing and behind that is your unchanging real self. There is some aspect in your system that is still the same the way it was when you were born. Realizing that revolutionizes the life.

Ten Indicators of Ideal Health

  1. Body weight should be well within healthy limits according to height.
  2. Abdomen should not be prominent and bulging and the waist / hip ratio should be <0.9 for men and <0.8 for women.
  3. Blood Pressure should be ~ 120 / 80.
  4. Fasting Blood Sugar should be 80 - 90 and PP (2 hours after lunch) 120 – 130 (to be tested twice a week).
  5. HbA1C should be ~ 6.5% (to be tested once in three months).
  6. Total cholesterol should be <200, LDL <100, Triglyceride <150 and HDL >50 (to be tested annually).
  7. Test for microalbuminuria (test to show earliest stage of kidney damage) should be negative (to be tested annually).
  8. Eye test (fundus) and feet examination should be normal (to be examined annually).
  9. The patient should not be smoking or ingesting tobacco in any other form.
  10. One should be happy, satisfied and in-sync with the external situation.