Effortless Health
A Holistic Program for Total Mind-Body Transformation

I am fully convinced that human beings have not been born to fall sick.  If there is sickness in the human society, it only means that there is some problem somewhere in our ways of life. We have forgotten what the code of conduct was for us; why we were born and how we were expected to live in this world. We must always remember that we were not born out of our free will.  We were born as a result of certain mechanisms and laws of nature. There are definite mechanisms through which nature regulates birth and death of all living creatures on this planet, including human beings. We are products of the nature, and in nature the phenomenon of disease just does not exist. It is paradoxical and illogical that while no animal or bird suffers from chronic diseases, only human beings should fall sick and have a painful termination of life.

My program is not just informative. I am not simply passing on some bookish information to you.  It is to help the participants understand the mechanisms of self-transformation. It is like a blueprint to shift your consciousness to a higher orbital of existence. You all have observed that there is a huge variability in the health standards of people. One person may be very healthy and fit at the age of 75 while the other may suffer from serious diseases at 35. What is the cause of this variability? Why not all people die at the same age? Obviously every person is programmed in a different and unique way. Can this programming be changed? Can a human being be re-programmed? This is precisely the subject that I am addressing to, in this program.

First of all, I will like to clarify to you the essence of my program; the final message. The final message is ‘Do what you feel like doing and this would give you the best possible health’. In the beginning this would appear ridiculous. You have been told all your life that you can obtain good health only by following certain rigid rules. I am not going to give you any such firm instructions or guidelines to follow. I will only discuss with you what I have learnt about how the human system works; how diseases develop and how the health reprogramming can be done. My program of ‘Effortless Health’ is a strong and holistic program that in due course of time will bring in a total transformation in your mind-body system. It will make you your own master. Then you will be free to decide your actions and lifestyle.

I am reminded of a small story of a Zen monk. Somebody asked the monk the secret of living an ideal life. He said, ‘The secret is very simple; I eat food when I feel like eating; I drink water when I feel thirsty; I walk when I feel like walking; I take rest when I feel like resting and I sleep when I feel like sleeping’. Life is so simple that you don’t need any knowledge to live. You may need knowledge to pursue a professional career but no knowledge is required to know an ideal lifestyle. It is already ingrained; It is intuitive. Knowledge, on the other hand, actually causes the problems. You were not born with knowledge. Knowledge was given to you later. It was not an integral part of your system. Secondly, knowledge as a rule can never be complete and perfect. Imperfection is the essential core of knowledge. If knowledge could ever be complete, then there should be some day when we could consider that now our knowledge is complete and no more knowledge can be created. That day has not yet occurred in the last ten thousand years.  Knowledge based programs, therefore can never be able to give you the right inputs in all different phases of life. My program will transform you in a way that you will be able to lead an intuition based rather than a knowledge based life. You would be free to do what you intuitively feel like doing.

My program is based on my basic hypothesis that just like every other material in nature, the human mind-body system can also be transformed into an altogether different and new form, if it is made to go through a definite program of processing. The end product will however depend upon both, the specific process used, as well as the initial raw material. If two entirely different human beings go through the same process, they will end up at totally different destinations. It is just like a large group of students studying together in a school, being taught by the same teachers, reading the same books and performing similar exercises, will ultimately have entirely different personalities and attitudes. Finally, on the basis of their variable traits, they will all have totally different types of lives, ranging from very good to very bad. No program in the world, therefore, benefits or harms the whole population to the same extent. Similarly my program will also be helpful only to a section of the society. Those who are likely to benefit from this program are those who would feel spontaneously attracted towards it, and will tend to follow it because of a strong inner urge. For them even following this program would be effortless.

What Causes Human Diseases

Human diseases are caused by four fundamental factors. 1. Genetic factors, 2. Lifestyle, 3. Psychic (emotional) factors, and 4. Environment. There is no other fundamental factor which operates in causing human diseases. Two factors namely lifestyle and environment are external factors, and the other two namely genes and psyche are internal factors.

Lifestyle means all those various activities that we tend to engage ourselves in during 24 hours. What we eat, what exercises we do, what activities we involve ourselves in including the professional work and how much we sleep; everything is part of lifestyle. The human mind-body system is a highly reactive system. You react, either positively or negatively, to everything that you may be engaged in. If you sit in a chair for a few hours, your body will react and mature differently than what it would have reacted like if you were lying on a couch for that period. It would have reacted entirely differently, if you were running for all those hours. How you spend your 24 hours, is going to decide what your health would be like. Environment is equally important. You are as healthy as your environment is. You shift from a crowded metro to some calm and quiet remote area on a hill station, in seven days time you will experience better health. These days, very unfortunately, we are living in a heavily polluted atmosphere. Our water, food and air, everything is polluted. Those who are talking about environmental issues are mostly doing just a lip service.  No genuine effort is being made to improve the environment. If one lives in a sick environment, then sickness easily creeps into the system.

Genes and Psyche are the two internal factors that govern our health. In every disease, it is ultimately the internal factors that cause or prevent the development of a disease. People living in the same environment and following the same life style have highly varied health levels. For example, there is a person who is smoking for sixty years and is very healthy and fit. Another person smokes for ten years and develops lung cancer. Cigarette was the same external factor operating in both the cases. It is however, the internal factors that led to different health outcomes in this example. In yet another example, people in many parts of our country are exposed to water logging every year. It causes the spread of diseases like Malaria and Dengue. In the population exposed to water logging however, not everybody develops Malaria and Dengue. Ultimately it is always the internal factors that dictate the occurrence of a disease. I am not saying that the external factors should not be improved. I am not saying that hygiene is unimportant. There are people and agencies that are already working for improvement of environment. At the same time, it is important that somebody must emphasize on the importance of transforming the internal system. If and when that occurs, excellent health would be guaranteed even in the face of an unhealthy external environment. Genes cannot be altered but the Psyche can be. The role of Psyche is so important in the pathogenesis of diseases that it is often referred to as the Second Genome.

In context with diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Ischaemic Heart Disease and other chronic diseases, much emphasis is put on genetic factors. This is totally unreasonable. When a person is born, he carries the same set of genes, which he would ultimately carry at the age of 50 or 60.  If diabetes was dictated entirely because of genes, then it should have occurred right at the time of birth. But it doesn’t happen that way.  There is actually a cross talk between genes and the internal environment i.e. the blood chemistry.  Genes do not cause diseases on their own. When, however, the blood chemistry gets altered up to a critical level, diseases hidden in the genes get manifested. Genes thus play only a permissive and not a causal role in development of most maturity onset chronic diseases. Blood chemistry in turn gets altered over a period of time due to a faulty lifestyle and the psychic factors. Psychic factors relate to mental attitude and the resulting phases of excitement and gloom as the mind interacts with changing external situations. It is all about the special way in which a person reacts to the constantly changing external situation and the resulting emotional ups and downs.

Finally, individual lifestyles and standards of the environment also depend upon the psychic factors. Our basic attitude towards life determines our choices and priorities. Our choices get generated in the deepest layers of our subconscious mind. We mostly fail to understand why some people really love morning walk wile others, at the same time love reading newspaper over several cups of tea. We have to learn the fine art of living from small children. If you leave a four year old child in a garden, it will start walking or running. Why does the child run? It is intuitive; it is ingrained in the system. To perform physical activity is our basic character. When a child runs out of intuition, it is not an effort for him. However when elderly people are asked to go for morning walk, it is quite an effort for them. It is an effort because it is not done out of intuition. It appears like a burden. Through the process of maturation, human beings get conditioned in such a way that they get cut off from their basic character. With the passage of time they loose all intuition and the whole life becomes a huge effort. So, the real disease determining internal factor is Psyche, or the mind.  It forces a person to choose a specific life style that may be either healthy or sick. National or group psyche determines the standards of environment. As on today India is largely a country of unsatisfied, insecure and hungry people. Hundred percent people are not like that, yet a sizeable majority is formed by such people who would go to any extent to harm the environment in order to earn some extra money or just to ensure personal comfort and convenience.

The Human Uniqueness

My program is meant to transform people in a way that healthy choices would get generated spontaneously and effortlessly. That is how all the other creatures in the world maintain superb health, effortlessly. Humans stand out as unique creatures that tend to fall sick. Sickness is a very strongly human phenomenon and the reason for this is not difficult to understand. Human beings are intellectual creatures who live by knowledge, and not by intuition like all other creatures. Because of this fundamental difference, we get cut off from the nature. Due to a knowledge-based approach, everything gets divided into two categories. Whatever we do, will be either good or bad. It will be either beneficial or harmful. This uniqueness of human beings makes them loose their intuition. We do not behave like other creatures living in their natural environment, in accordance with our basic instincts and character. We have got our own strong ego. We decide our own course through our limited knowledge and strong prejudices. Knowledge, as I said is always incomplete and imperfect. The requirements of life are changing from moment to moment and rigid knowledge based-recommendations can never provide the ideal inputs for the ever-changing needs of life.

In context with health and wellness, human uniqueness can be summarized in the following four statements –

  1. You are what you are: Every human being is a special package. You can see on the surface that everybody has got a different face, different body, different features and different skin complexion. About a hundred times greater variability occurs in our internal systems. Now we have started talking about ‘Metabolic Finger Printing’ of people.  There are several hundred molecules in the body that look after your metabolism.  If you see the constellation of all those hundreds of molecules, no two human beings are similar. To begin with it is due to the genetic uniqueness but later on gets heavily modulated by psychic factors. External diversity is primarily the result of the internal variance and not the other way round. Ultimately as life unfolds itself on the surface of time, both external and internal features become inter-related and inter-dependent. Every individual has got his own set of unique properties and a different level of health.

  2. You are not what you are: You are always in a state of flux. You are not a static entity but a dynamic process. Yesterday, you were a different person from what you are today.  In the last twenty or thirty years, you have totally changed to a new human being and you know that. At what level has this change occurred? Everything has changed. Body, mind, thoughts, attitude, relationships, priorities and actions, everything has changed. There is nothing in your system, which is still the same as it was some time back. Change is the rule of life. If you are not constantly changing, then something is wrong.
  1. The fundamental human disease is ‘Pre-Conceived Notions’: Preconceived notion means having some rigid knowledge or dogma about something. Whenever you do something, you know beforehand whether it should be done or not, whether it is correct or not. This starting knowledge is a preconceived notion. It is an essential and unavoidable human difficulty, inherent to their system. Human beings cannot exist without knowledge. That is how we have been created. All your understanding and interpretation of situations is basically a result of the coloring caused by these preconceived notions. If ten people come and see me and five conclude that I am a good person and the other five conclude that I am a bad person, then what is the real conclusion. What does it prove whether I am a good person or a bad person?  No, there is no conclusion. Your conclusion about any situation is always the result of an interaction of some given external situation with your pre-conceived notions and mental attitude. Pre-conceived notions and mental attitude are again interrelated and interdependent.

  2. This basic disease can be treated very easily but only if the subject wants it wholeheartedly: Your system can be transformed, but not because of my wanting that. It can happen only if you want it wholeheartedly. The transformation is always total. Everything would change right from your body to your thoughts, attitude, priorities, relationships and actions. You would be transformed into an altogether different and new package. This program is meant to achieve precisely that target.

Your transformation is all about shifting your system from knowledge oriented to intuition oriented at a very deep level of your subconscious mind. This is both difficult and easy at the same time. This program doesn't work like allopathic medicines where patient's emotional involvement with the process of therapy is mostly irrelevant. Medicines produce their effects irrespective of whether you are convinced about their effect or not. Success of my program however depends primarily upon how strongly you are convinced with my hypothesis and secondly, how sincerely you follow the program. Affectivity of this program essentially depends on your hundred percent conviction and involvement with it, both at intellectual as well as the emotional level. If you are unconvinced with my hypothesis at any level, then it is just not for you.

Rigid knowledge based programs can never provide you an ideal health. As an example, food items that are well tolerated and are beneficial to health during childhood and adolescence often become indigestible in advanced ages. The requirement of food in terms of quality and quantity keeps on changing on a day-to-day basis. What is good at some time may create serious diseases at other times. What is good for one person may be harmful for somebody else. The knowledge-based advice that doctors essentially offer to their patients, tend to be very rigid and mechanical. Life is like a river, ever changing. You are not the same person today that you were in the past. How can your requirements be the same? No doctor can give you new advices on a moment-to-moment basis. You are changing every moment. In such a situation, only your own intuition can be your best guide. For example, you can work very hard for many hours, and then you naturally feel like taking rest. You do not need anybody’s advice to know when you need to take rest, when you need to drink water, when you need to eat or do something else. Additionally, rigid advices on lifestyle are difficult to follow over prolonged periods of time. Such advices compromise on the freedom and happiness of life. Living life by intuition is the only ideal way to live. When something is done in response to an inner urge, it does not feel like an effort. It is not only effortless; it is indeed a great bliss.

If knowledge was important for good health, then people could not have been healthy a thousand years back when so much knowledge was not available, and by that logic animals should not even imagine of being healthy. This is however not the reality of the world. The reality is actually just the opposite. Along with the growth of knowledge, many new diseases, that were non-existent earlier, have developed and the older ones have become more frequent and serious. In the last several decades, size of the human healthcare industry has increased alarmingly. The Indian healthcare industry is currently estimated to be worth US$ 50 billion per annum (Rs. 2,50,000 crore). It is likely to double up by the year 2015 and be worth US$ 238.76 billion by 2020. The current US healthcare industry is worth US$ 2.7 trillion and the global market is worth US$ 5.7 trillion. Market experts feel that healthcare industry is a stable and recession proof business that is likely to have a robust double digit growth over the next several years. For patients however, money spent on healthcare is always a negative expenditure. Nobody feels happy to pay for a cardiac bypass surgery or cancer chemotherapy. Medical expenditure is never made to enhance happiness in life but only to remove or reduce the unhappiness caused by disease. This is avoidable by upto sixty to seventy percent and that too happily and effortlessly.

It would not be out of place to also mention here that it has been observed that roots of large trees turn and grow towards water sources in the vicinity. This is obviously intuitive and not knowledge based. Life by intuition is the norm of nature and life by knowledge is only a human aberration. Good health, ladies and gentlemen, is all about good intuition and not about great knowledge.

We are in a state of constant change. Our society is continuously changing us. However the way we allow ourselves to be changed by the society is not always good and beneficial to us. I am reminded of a story of a famous painter, whose paintings were sold throughout the world like hot cakes. One day he decided to make a picture that would remind people of God. He visited many places looking for such an individual who could be the subject for his picture. In a village, he found a 20 year old boy who was looking after his cows grazing in a meadow. The boy was very innocent and looking absolutely blissful. The painter told him that he wanted to make his picture and the boy happily agreed. The picture was a huge success and sold heavily all over the world. People used to put the picture in their drawing rooms and the whole family would experience happiness. The picture used to fill the house with tremendous positivity. Even if an outsider came to the house, he would also feel happy. Thirty years later the painter again thought to make a picture that would remind people of the Devil. He again searched for a suitable subject. He visited all the bad places where criminals lived or worked. One day he went to a jail and found a prisoner who was fitting perfectly into that role. He was a murder convict. His eyes were red and burning in anger, and hatred oozing out of his face. The painter told the man that he wanted to make his picture. The prisoner agreed for that, though in great anger and disgust. After a few days when the picture was completed, the painter put both the pictures together to make an exhibition. That man was also there to watch the show. He suddenly started crying profusely. The painter asked him, ‘What is the problem?  This is your picture, why are you crying?’ The man replied, ‘I am crying because the first picture is also mine! And I now realize how much I have deteriorated. God made me a simple, innocent and inherently happy person, but I have now become a wretched man’. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not only the story of that prisoner. This is the story of all of us. God made us simple, innocent and naturally happy human beings. With the passage of time we tend to become very cunning and calculative. We ultimately start doing only what is politically correct and in our best material interest. So, while life is essentially a continuous process of change, we have to ensure that this change only makes us more and more simple and innocent. An innocent and simple mind has the purest intuition.

A Word of Caution

The program of effortless health is all about re-discovering that lost intuition.  Intuition based life means that at every point of time, you are free to do what you feel like doing. There is no greater happiness than being free to do what you feel like doing. Profound happiness is thus a natural side effect of following an intuition-based program and there is no reason to believe that the nature would conspire against you to give you the wrong signals. 

There are though two important problems about my program and they are actually serious problems. If caution is not used, the follower may stand to harm himself much. Firstly, at the moment your intuition is not pure. It is polluted by your prejudices and suppressed desires. If a diabetic subject is asked to follow his inner urge, he would start eating sweets and all those things that were denied to him in the past. This is not the response of a pure and unpolluted intuition. This is actually the prejudices and suppressed desires of the individual that would find an opening in the disguise of a health program. This is to be avoided, and to overcome this problem the mind-body system has to be purified first. If you have high fever, you do not feel like eating. Similarly, a diabetic subject whose blood sugar value is high cannot feel like eating sweets or other heavy food items. It is very natural. The repulsion must come from inside. In the beginning your system has to be cleansed. Once your system is absolutely clean, only then you would be free to do what you feel like doing.

What are the various pollutants of our mind-body system? Various material pollutants of the human body include pollution caused by bad quality food, intoxicating drugs and alcohol, smoke, medicines, environmental pollution and alteration in blood chemistry by metabolic diseases. However, the most subtle and important pollution is caused by thoughts. It is the pollution of thoughts that is most difficult to remove. Normally a person remains heavily entangled by thoughts all his life. It is almost impossible to come out of the web of thoughts. ‘I have to become thoughtless’, is also a thought. At the moment your mind is likely to be strongly conditioned by thoughts or knowledge; it is loaded with information. It is also riddled by suppressed desires. Your actions were always guided by the society and you could never do things the way you were programmed to do. Your life had always been restricted by others.  As on today most people are likely to harm themselves by following their intuition, which is actually a mixture of pre-conceived notions and suppressed desires. I caution you not to follow your intuition till you have gone through the Detox program for at least six months. Detox program is the practical part of this program that I call ‘The Magic of Ten’.

Secondly, it must always be remembered that this is essentially a program of self transformation. Never try to transform others whosoever they may be. If you shift your focus of attention from self to others, the program would loose it’s magic. Transformation at the deepest levels of your existence is a subtle and delicate process and requires total self attention. Although physical health would still improve due to an improved lifestyle, yet transformation at the deepest levels would not occur. Internally you would remain the same person. Shift to a higher level of existence is possible only by self motivation. If at any point of time and about any part of the program you focus on others, serious problems would develop. On one hand your transformation would get blocked and on the other hand, the other person would become rebellious. Everybody needs freedom to decide his/her course of life.

Effortless Health Program

As already discussed the program is all about changing your psyche in a way that you start taking your decisions through intuition rather than logical analysis of the issues. This is a subtle and complex issue. ‘Intuition based life is better than a knowledge based life’, is also some sort of a knowledge. It is possible that one person naturally and spontaneously enjoys playing tennis. Another person also plays tennis because he ‘knows’ that playing tennis would give him good health. Although both are doing the same thing, yet while the first person is leading an intuition based life, the second one is living a knowledge based life. Shifting the system from knowledge based to intuition based is tricky and difficult because at the very first place everything would start due to this alternative knowledge that I am providing you. Additionally, as a basic prerequisite it is important to ensure that your mind-body system should be free of all pollution.

Let me confess in the beginning, ladies and gentlemen that while I primarily intend to change only your psyche and nothing else, yet I am unable to do that directly. I cannot touch your mind. So I have to essentially do two things. Firstly, in order to change your inner system, I have to necessarily manipulate your external system. I have to essentially change your body because ultimately, a healthy body grows in conjunction with a healthy mind and reciprocally a healthy mind lives only in a healthy body. It is a thousand times easier to manipulate the physical body, which is made up of material, rather than to manipulate the subtle, non-material and an ever-elusive mind. This physical part of my program is called ‘The Magic of Ten’.

The other part of the program is ‘Thought Therapy’. Thought Therapy is basically the essence of my program. Thoughts are a very powerful tool for a sustainable human transformation. All major revolutions in the human society were brought about by thoughts. Whether these were the thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi or Carl Marx, all had a decisive impact on the society. What is the power of thoughts? Thoughts are double edged. On one hand thoughts are linked to your inner system, to your psyche, and externally they are linked to your actions and lifestyle. The level of thoughts is incidentally the only level where your mind-body system can be most easily and directly intercepted from outside. I cannot directly intercept your psyche, and if I only modify your actions, then the transformation can never be holistic. The effects of only a superficial alteration in lifestyle can never go very deep. They cannot transform you as a human being. When you follow the doctor’s advice about a healthy lifestyle, then you don’t get transformed as an individual, though you would definitely benefit at the physical level.

Both parts of my program are therefore equally important and are to be followed together for a holistic improvement. Both parts practiced together purify the total mind-body system. This is a very strong Detox program. After going through the program for about six months, you would be sufficiently changed, your systems would have been thoroughly cleansed and your behavior would have shifted from knowledge based to intuition based. You would then be free to do what you feel like doing.

Part-1 : The Magic of Ten

This is the practical and more tangible part of the program and you can start working on it straight away. There are actually fifteen points in this part of the program, but since five points were added quite late, I still continue to call it The Magic of Ten while it has now actually become The Magic of Fifteen. All these fifteen points are equally important and are to be followed together. They are complementary to each other.

  1. Manage Your Food. Food is the raw material with which your body has been created.  If the raw material is not good, the end product can never be good. Go for healthy options like fruits, vegetables, salad, sprouts, milk and milk products and white meat. Avoid heavy food items like sweets, fried food, additional fats, fizzy drinks and red meat. For deciding your food, you can even take the help of an Ayurveda specialist. Ayurveda goes much deeper into the human system and decides the diet for an individual as per his body type or prakriti. Alcohol should be reduced to 100 ml. twice a week or better stop totally. Use natural anti-oxidants like Tomatoes, Sprouts, Tulsi leaves, Lemon, Amla and Aloe Vera regularly. As a rule never ever over-eat. Everything in huge amounts is bad. Try to finish your dinner by 7 P.M.

  2. Regular Exercise. One hour of aerobic exercise like jogging, brisk walk, cycling, swimming, dance or some outdoor game is very important. In my own experience this is one single factor that actually determines the health of a person beyond eighty years of age. If you have exercised regularly all your life, you are likely to be healthy and fit in your eighties but you have not observed an exercise program throughout your life, you may have serious health problems at that stage. Aerobic exercise charges your metabolism like nothing else. One basic rule about exercise is, ‘The more the better’.  For best results aerobics can be coupled with pressure exercises like push-ups, gymming, weights or dumb-bells.
  1. Yoga and Meditation: Yoga is different from exercise. It is a holistic science complete in itself. It has got magical effects on the human mind-body system. The effects of Yoga are very penetrating. Regular practice of Yoga can even block the expression of genes. Yoga is an eight-fold discipline, namely Yama (The five ‘abstentions’), Niyama (The five ‘observances’), Asana (Physical postures), Praanayam (Disciplined and rhythmic breathing),  Pratyahar (Abstraction), Dhaarna (Concentration), Dhyana (Meditation) and Samadhi (Liberation, or resonance with the cosmos). If you follow all the eight parts, it is best. However, from the point of view of physical health, three parts are most important, namely Asana, Pranayam and Meditation. How Yoga works is somewhat mysterious. Postures however keep the body supple and flexible, Pranayam balances the mind-body bridge and Meditation is a deep relaxation. Meditation is the most powerful tool for human transformation.

  2. Fixed Daily Schedule. Follow a fixed daily schedule and maintain the rhythms of life. Physical degeneration significantly slows down if biological rhythms are preserved. Every activity in the human body follows a definite rhythmicity. You tend to become sleepy at a certain time and hungry at some other time. Your heart beats on a fixed rhythm and so does your respiration. All hormones in the body are secreted in a rhythmic fashion.  If you choose to live a rhythmic life, your physical health remains excellent.
  1. Good Sleep. Seven hours of good quality sleep in the night should be guaranteed. Every word of this sentence is important. Seven hours, Good quality sleep and that too In the night. Those who work in the night shift and sleep in the day time will not have as good health as those who sleep during the night. Deep sleep refreshes and re-energizes the whole mind-body system. After a good night sleep, you get up in the morning like a flower in full blossom; fully charged with energy and feeling great. Good sleep comes by it’s own. You can’t force sound sleep and the sleep obtained by alcohol or a sleeping pill, is not of good quality at all. In order to get good quality sleep, just follow all the steps of this program; all together. They are complementary to each other. When it is the time to sleep, just lie down and enjoy the warmth and comfort of the bed and thank God for the wonderful day that it was. You would never know when you slip into deep sleep.

  2. Good Sex Life. Sex is a fundamental human requirement, just like food, water and oxygen. Regular and high quality sex keeps the sex hormones flowing. It maintains a youthful body and a peaceful disposition. Sex is a great stress buster and some sort of a physical exercise. Finally, thorough indulgence in sex ultimately brings authentic celibacy. Very unfortunately for our country, in the last hundreds of years the term sex has been made to appear like a dirty word. There was indeed a time in our country when sex was not only thoroughly understood; it was even depicted in temples. Authentic scriptures were created in our country to enhance the happiness from sex. People who produced those scriptures were not sex maniacs. They were highly evolved spiritual masters; they were Rishis. Those evolved souls had very clearly understood that sex is a basic and integral need of human life and if it was not fulfilled upto the highest possible levels, people would never be able to grow to their full potential. India as on today is a sex-starved country. If somebody indulges in sex, he or she often has a feeling of guilt, as if it is an unnatural or shameful act. People are misled by wrong notions about sex and the whole society appears to be poised against a normal and natural man-woman relationship. In the UK Kama Sutra is one of the most popular books and every other family has a copy of it. The knowledge gained from the book has tremendously enriched their lives. A great sex life will make you much more serene, balanced, satisfied and relaxed human being. This is equally true for both men and women.
  1. Enjoy Breaks.  Take regular breaks from work. Monotony of the office and home should be broken regularly and in different interesting and enjoyable ways. Breaks keep you young and enthusiastic and retard the ageing process. Always take family, friends or relatives along with you. The group must have people sharing common interests so that everybody could do what he or she loves doing. When you go out for a vacation, it is not only the beauty of the place that is important. Good company, enjoyable food and fun filled activities are equally important. When you are back from a holiday, you feel much younger, relaxed and energetic. Weekends should always be special, and much different from the weekdays. There should be quarterly short escapes and at least one memorable annual holiday. Maintain a strong nature-connect. You are a product of nature to which you must always be connected. Your roots are always in the nature. Food, water and air that form your lifeline are all coming directly from nature. When you are close to nature, you get relaxed and energized. Spend time in the garden and take vacations in the hills, forests, sea beaches and other scenic places.

  2. Pursue Your Hobbies. Do what you love doing as much and as frequently as possible. This tends to transform your system in a big way. When you whole-heartedly follow your passion, your consciousness moves to a different and much higher plane of existence. You tend to dissolve into the activity so strongly that the rest of the world almost ceases to exist. This causes a total mind-body transformation and has huge health benefits. It may be anything like music, sports, gardening, teaching children or even flying kites. For me doing this program is a similar experience. Many people may get disheartened when I tell them that I do this program for my own happiness. I sincerely advise you to just keep on pursuing your interests and your aging process would get retarded. Blessed are those who have found their real vocation in life. It is not just de-stress, it is in fact anti-stress. In such a situation, stress is not possible just as darkness is not possible in sunlight.

  3. Have a Strong Sense of Humor. Try to find humor in every situation. It is not that humorous people live in a different world. It is their inherent sense that always keeps them in a light mood. You can take everything, including your problems, in your own humorous stride and allow others to join you.  Humor is infectious. Others will enjoy your company. Make sure however that you don’t ridicule or belittle others in any way, even in their absence.
  1. Have Friends. Have one or more good friends. Good friend is the one with whom you can share almost everything. A good friend takes away your stress effortlessly and you feel relaxed and positive. In an ideal situation husband and wife should be each other’s best friends. This is easily possible if they don’t toil to change the other person and accept the other person just the way he or she is. This is precisely how friends are accepted. Great friendships are naturally and effortlessly developed during early life, during school or college days. Although somewhat difficult, yet it is not totally impossible to develop good friendships even in later ages. A good friend is worth a million. Make sure that you don’t ever loose your friends.

  2. Look After Your Duties / Responsibilities Well. When you perform your prescribed / expected duties to the best of your capacity, you have a sense of satisfaction and happiness. This helps you in getting a sound sleep and an overall good health. You have many and varied responsibilities to fulfill. Apart from your professional obligations you also have duties as a parent, spouse, offspring, sibling, relative, friend and as a citizen of the country. If you don’t perform any of your duties well, it is an indication of a mental imbalance. Such imbalances lead to frictions in relationships and stress in life. Ultimately in due course of time it can create diseases. There cannot be any valid justification for not fulfilling your responsibilities adequately. You are essentially a social entity and the society runs on the basic principle of interdependence. Your family is your micro society. Then there is an extended family, a circle of relatives and friends and finally everybody else. It is possible that with the best of your efforts and intentions, others may still not be happy with you. That is absolutely unimportant. Happiness of others is not your responsibility. Their happiness depends on their own attitudes. The important point is that you yourself should be convinced and satisfied within your heart that you have done what you should have done. Nothing else is important. The society is continuously changing and accordingly your actions would also continuously change. Don’t evaluate others whether they are doing the right thing or not. Every action is complete in itself. Don’t expect any returns from others. If others reciprocate it is good and if they don’t, it is equally good. You have to be focused on the basic cause that provoked your action. Be sincere to the cause and know it well that the society is very heterogeneous. Some will cooperate with you and some will not. Be self centered and look after just your own actions. Play your own role as per your conviction and needs of the situation, and to the best of your capacity. It is a complex issue though. Sometimes your responsibility may include helping others to perform their part. On occasions your responsibility may be to forget your own personal interests and just to make the other person happy. As your systems get cleansed there would not be any confusion at any point of time.
  1. Manage the Mind. If the mind is not good, the body cannot be healthy. Mind is the driver of the body. Develop a positive, balanced, happy, satisfied, peaceful and loving mind and if your mind has got these six attributes, it is unlikely that you can ever have serious health problems. When I talk of a happy mind, I am talking of a subtle happiness that is without any obvious reason. Remember that, ‘There is no way to happiness; happiness is the way’. Do not complain, just find your way, decide your actions and enjoy them. Observe the peculiarities of your mind. Pure observation, free from criticism or analysis, changes the characters of the mind. It is very difficult for a person to clearly visualize his own weaknesses and negativities. If there is somebody around you who is highly intelligent and also your well wisher, and could always remind you about your weaknesses, you should be thankful to him or her. We generally miss the opportunity and end up being angry at who-so-ever tends to criticize us. You will be able to visualize yourself more clearly through the eyes of that other person. If you are able to just watch your mental negativities, this pure observation will change you radically. Your problems will vanish and an ideal state of the mind will emerge.
  1. Be Self-Centered. Your whole life is just your own manifestation. Others come into your life to play their limited role in your maturation. Whether they tend to make you happy or unhappy, they are always providing you the necessary external inputs for your evolution. There is no reason to be either happy or unhappy on what they say or do to you. Others are just playing the role of postmen in your life. Nobody reacts to postmen irrespective of whether they deliver a court summon or a lottery prize. Similarly others are delivering you your due quota of happiness and sadness. Others have a totally different attitude from yours and are experiencing the situation differently. Since they perceive the situation differently, their attitude, thoughts and actions will all be entirely different from yours. As a divine law no other human being can be your replica. There is no reason for you to be upset if they are not supporting your cause and there is no reason for any great celebration if they coincidentally happen to agree and cooperate with you. Remain firmly rooted in yourself. Others who come into your life are simply coloring your life from outside, and that is essential for your maturation. They however cannot reach your inner core. Neither criticize nor be angry with others. Whenever you get focused on others, you get disconnected from yourself and that is harmful. Just like you are responsible for yourself, others are also responsible for their own lives. You are reciprocally playing but a small role in their lives. Play that role to the best of your capacity, and that’s all. Know it well that you cannot change anybody’s destiny. Others are makers of their own destinies just as you are the maker of yours. Your inner happiness is your own private property that nobody can trespass. It cannot be affected by others as long as you are in direct and constant touch with that.
  1. Have a Guru. Everyone should try to have a Guru. What is the meaning of Guru? A Guru is not just a person who imparts some new information to you. Guru is a person, who lovingly shakes you up and motivates you to change; for whom you have mixed emotions of love and reverence; whose company provides you great peace and subtle happiness; whom you would consult if you have a problem and whose advice you will readily accept, without any doubt; and whom you could look forward to emulate in your life. Guru is a person whom you could unconditionally devote yourself to. Never be in a hurry to find a Guru and never willfully delay it either. If you are not able to find a Guru, it is only because of two reasons. Firstly, your ego; because you feel you are a more intelligent and superior human being than the other person; and/or secondly, because you are not able to connect yourself with the other person at temperamental level. Shed off the ego and wholeheartedly start searching for a Guru. Remain generally appreciative of the good qualities of people around you. Ignore their weak points if any. Very soon you will end up learning and gaining even from your enemies. Always remember that you can be either in a learning mode or a teaching mode. You cannot be in both the modes together at the same point of time. The moment you come into the teaching mode, you cease to be a learner. It is not your responsibility to teach others. Your responsibility is your own growth and evolution. Let others look after themselves. With this approach, the chances are that you will very soon find your Guru who may already be very close to you. The Guru can be in any form; either some famous spiritual master, or your teacher, parents, relative, spouse, friend, colleague or any other person whom you happen to meat by chance. You can have multiple Gurus and you can also keep on changing your Gurus. There is no problem in changing the Guru if and when you feel like changing. You are constantly maturing and reaching higher levels of existence. Accordingly you can keep on changing your Guru as per your changing requirements. However when you shift to a new Guru never forget to thank the older one silently within your heart, as he also played a crucial role in your evolution at some point of time. Not having a Guru is a great poverty; It is a much greater poverty than not having money.

  2. Know Who You Are. You must know who you really are. You are not just a body and mind phenomenon. The physical body and mind are in a state of constant flux. Behind your changing form, is your unchanging real self. There is some aspect in your system that is still the same, the way it was when you were born; and you know that. If somebody saw you when you were ten years of age and the he again meets you now after a gap of forty years, he will not know that you are the same person. In this span of time, your body and mind have totally changed. Still, you know it very well that you are the same person. What is that common thread that binds your whole life together? You must always remember however, that whatever comes to your mind about your real identity is just an illusion. The real self cannot be mentally thought of. It can be realized only through deep meditation. When I was born, I did not know that I am Dr. Vipin Mishra or even that I am a human being.  Even at that time my existence was hundred percent complete. There is something in your system that is much deeper and more fundamental than your body, mind or any perceived self-identity. Self-realization revolutionizes life. In this regard, I will recommend you to read the section on Spiritual Endocrinology where I have described some simple mental exercises for self-realization. Some parts in that section may appear repetitive but still, for a clear understanding of the subject, it is worth reading along with this section.

Thought Therapy

Thought Therapy is a very important tool in my program. It is in-fact the soul of the program. While you are reading this, I am actually transferring a set of thoughts from my mind to your mind. This write-up is also a part of the same process. Thought therapy is provided by offering you some new and alternative thoughts about different aspects of life. These thoughts may sometimes be even polar opposite to your existing ones. In my own understanding, there are thought receptors in human mind. Because of that, different people get spontaneously attracted towards and enjoy different types of thoughts. Certain specific thoughts can motivate certain specific people to change their course of life. Humans are the only species who are governed by thoughts. As I view the situation, alteration in thoughts can change your emotional factors or Psyche, as well as actions (karma) and lifestyle. I deliver Thought Therapy through a series of lectures and subsequent interaction with the audience. It is, in simplistic terms, a program of intellectual exchange of thoughts. Thought therapy works just like medicines. Just as medicines cleanse your system, thoughts also benefit your mind-body system by removing the toxins of knowledge.

All seemingly contradictory thoughts on any subject are equally correct at the same point of time. Your mind will however allow you to be comfortable with just one type of thoughts at one point of time. Your current thoughts are just coincidentally yours for the time being and will change fast. You are not free to get firmly convinced with just any thought at your free will. Every human being is like a programmed robot that is allowed to think only in one linear direction. The physical body of your thoughts actually relates to two factors, your basic attitude and your pre-existing notions. Neither is in your willful control. You can neither willfully change your basic attitude, nor your pre-existing notions. It is only because of these two factors (attitude and pre-conceived notions), that you always have a special and unique point of view towards any given situation. Your special and unique point of view towards a situation determines your behavior and reaction to the situation. Different people therefore have different responses to the same external stimulus (situation). Different people view the same situation differently. Varying responses to external stimuli give them different levels of achievement and success in the material world. If somebody could be made to realize that two opposing thoughts and resulting viewpoints are equally correct, he or she can clearly understand the limited scope and utility of thoughts. This can help a person reaching the state of thoughtlessness. According to me thoughts, how so ever noble they may be, relate to diseases and thoughtlessness relates to diseaselessness. And at the moment this is just another thought for you.

Rigid dogmatic thoughts allow the mind to move only in certain preformed grooves. If you have strong dogmatic beliefs, you cannot respond in a different and novel way everytime you are exposed to the same situation. It is also important to know that your response to a situation is always double pronged. Externally it causes a physical action while internally it alters your emotional state. Your emotional state affects the secretion of neuropeptides from brain that in turn affect the functions of hypothalamus. Hypothalamus is a very mood sensitive part of brain. It is such an important part of brain that it is often referred to as the brain of brain. Alteration in hypothalamic function alters all the important vital activities of the body including secretion of pituitary hormones. Pituitary gland in turn controls a number of hormonal and metabolic functions of the body. Modulation of the emotional state also alters the function of Autonomic Nervous System (Sympathetic and Parasympathetic). During states of stress the system is thrown into sympathetic overdrive that is damaging. On the contrary during states of relaxation, the parasympathetic system takes over and retards the process of tissue damage. Disturbances in emotional state can also dysregulate the immune system and thus contribute in the development of infections, auto-immune diseases and even cancers. It can adversely affect body’s ability to repair itself too.

This is how changing emotions cause age related changes in the body; slowly and yet steadily. Specific thoughts lead to specific diseases in specific people. This happens through emotional disturbances caused by an interaction between dogmatic thoughts, basic mental attitude and different experiences of life. Interaction between these three fundamental aspects of life determines everything in life. A human life, in a nutshell, is the outcome of this continuously interacting triumvirate i.e. A. Dogmatic beliefs or pre-conceived notions, B. Basic mental attitude, and C. The actual experiences of life. These three are interrelated and interdependent. This is a very dynamic process. None of the three basic interacting factors is constant. They all keep on changing with the passage of time. Net result of this essential interaction of the triumvirate is the experience of different emotions. These emotional modulations cause the body to age through their manifold effects. The innumerable shades of emotions are arbitrarily and unnecessarily divided into positive and negative (happiness / sadness). Thoughtlessness and the associated attitude-less-ness on the other hand is like jumping out of the mental grooves. It ensures ideal hypothalamic, pituitary, autonomic nervous system and immune functions during all different situations in life.

In my own understanding the great physical diversity seen in human species, is not as much the result of genomic variance as it is the result of psychic variance. If genomic diversity was the real issue, then similar diversity must have been present in all species. That doesn’t happen like that. In a gathering of one thousand sparrows, it is impossible to recognize one specific sparrow. Yet, in a gathering of hundred thousand people, it is very easy to recognize one special person. Genomic variance may actually be the result of primary psychic variance. An interaction of the special genomic and psychic constellation of characters of an individual shapes one’s entire life. Occurrence of a disease is dictated by an interaction of genomic and psychic uniqueness of the individual with different experiences of life. Lifestyle and environmental factors contribute from the sides. While genes cannot be changed, yet Psyche can be. Change of psyche changes the blood chemistry and thus ultimately alters genomic expression too.

In order to maintain ideal health for prolonged periods of time, you must always be in perfect sync with the external situation. When the external situation is exactly in accordance with what you had desired, or what you had dreamt of, you are able to fully merge with the situation. This provides ideal inputs to the hypothalamus and ensures best health. While all aspects of life are important, yet three areas need special mention as they have most dramatic impact on your emotions. Firstly, you should be in perfect sync with your relationships. As a rule human beings grow best when they get to live in a cohesive and loving family. For ideal growth and development of individuals there is nothing more important than a happy family. Relationships give grace and value to life. The most important relationship that also has the most important impact on health is that of husband and wife.  This forms the foundation of a happy family and indeed a happy society. Both husband and wife must go several extra miles to ensure a perfect relationship. They should be their best friends. Other relationships should also be positive, stable and dependable. The secret for having great relationships is honesty, trust, love and a readiness to accept others just the way they are. Expectation from others is the seed of violence and is always damaging. Whatever the others do is fine. Let others decide their actions on the basis of their perception and you just concentrate on your part. Never try to teach, change or posses others. Give them their due personal space, dignity and respect. Any effort to control or regulate the lives of other people is a sure recipe for a catastrophic relationship.

Secondly, you should be in perfect sync with your professional life. You should be able to love and merge with your work. In an ideal situation work should not feel like work. It should be a means for your full blossoming. If your eyes are always glued to the pay cheque, you are probably in the wrong profession. My own understanding is that work gives the ultimate liberation. This happens though only when you are doing precisely what you have been created for. Thirdly, you should be in perfect sync with your leisure time activities. The main theme of human life is not work. It is celebration. Fortunate are those who celebrate through their work. If your work is not giving you great relaxation and happiness, at least your leisure time activities should.

In such an ideal situation your neuropeptide secretion and hypothalamic functions get optimized. It is indeed a tough challenge to ensure that your external situation would always be fully in accordance with your requirements (desires). Your external world is created by the society, which is not in your control. There is another method to achieve the same ideal endpoint. That is to change the quality of your mind in such a way that it remains stable and unruffled in all types of diverse external situations. This is what I aim to achieve through this program. Don’t view things the way you have viewed them till today. Try to look at situations in a totally different way and know it well that every viewpoint in itself is fractured, incomplete and misleading. Thoughts and viewpoints are like tubes. They will always give you a tubular vision. If you view the sky through a tube, the sky would appear of the same shape as the shape of the tube. All such different shapes of the sky are definitely false and misleading. If you want to benefit best from any particular thought or viewpoint, always consider it along with it’s most contradictory and diametrically opposite viewpoint. Two absolutely opposing viewpoints when used together would give you a clear and balanced vision and a relaxed temperament. A calm and quiet state of the mind is essentially free from all dogmatic thoughts and viewpoints. With that thoughtless state of the mind every situation is experienced the way it is, and not through any tubular vision.

There are many methods to obtain a thoughtless state of the mind. Thought therapy, though somewhat paradoxically, is my preferred method to guide you into a state of thoughtlessness. It must be remembered however that just like medicines, specific thoughts may benefit some people, harm a few and have no effect on others. Thought therapy coupled with The Magic of Ten (Fifteen) brings about a total transformation in your mind-body system in due course of time. Then you are free to do what you feel like doing. Thought therapy however works only for those open minded people who are ready to shed off their dogmatic thoughts that they have firmly held for ages, and that have been their guiding principles till now.

Schematic diagram of how chronic diseases develop. Two way arrows mean interdependence.

One Initial Thought to Remember

I am offering you a new perspective in which you can view life. When you move during the day, a shadow is formed. The way you move, your shadow also moves accordingly. If you are big, so will be your shadow and if you are small, the shadow would also be proportionately small. In this example your movements are your actions (karma), and the shadow is the material reward and recognition you get from the society, the so-called fruit of action (karmaphal). For thousands of years the society has become strongly shadow oriented. Most people are toiling hard to have an ideal or desired shadow because shadows are valued by the society. People are maneuvering their movements (actions) to get desired shadows (rewards) and in the process are creating stress and disease. Your action is the reality and what you get in life is just a shadow that you essentially create by your movement. The shadow is not important. You are important. Don’t be shadow oriented. Just exist in your pristine purity the way you have been created and feel the joy of action.

I am reminded of a small story from the life of Abraham Lincoln. Mr. Lincoln had come back from a political meeting and his wife asked him how his speech was. Mr. Lincoln said ‘which speech?’  She said ‘the political speech that you had gone to deliver’. He said ‘actually there were three speeches; one was that speech which I had thought in the beginning that I would deliver. Then there was the second speech, which I actually delivered and the third speech was that which I was thinking while coming back that I should have delivered’. Ladies and gentlemen, I advise you to have just one speech; the speech that flows out from you spontaneously, naturally and effortlessly. How people view and evaluate you is totally unimportant. You just concentrate on your actions that tend to flow out through you on their own. Just become a vehicle for your own full manifestation. You have been specially created to do something special or something ordinary in a very special way. You have to just do that with an unflinching faith in yourself. You have to know it very clearly that, whatever the world might say about your actions, you are right if in the heart of your hearts you are fully convinced about your actions. And this conviction should not be just intellectual and logical. It must also be emotional and psychic. Your special individual actions will fill you with bliss, which is actually anti-stress; when bliss is there, stress is impossible. The best part is that while living your own life in your own unique way, you would still be creating your own place in the society; creating your own shadows.  

I will also like to tell you the unique relationship between Karma (the movement) and Karmaphal (the shadow). Not only the material success and social recognition, but all that you get in life including your society, family and relationships, is your karmaphal. Every thing, situation or person that may or may not interact with you during your life, and may or may not affect your life directly or indirectly, is your karmaphal. All your life, you are surrounded from all sides by your karmaphal. And you get only that karmaphal that you deserve. The term ‘Deserve’ doesn’t connote any form of intellectual, financial or social eligibility or hierarchy. It only denotes that the medicine that a patient gets is always according to his disease, or so to say what the patient deserves. All that you interact with and experience throughout your life, and interestingly what you fail to interact with and experience in life is all your karmaphal. Never forget however that the karmaphal you get, is always best for your personal growth and maturation. This is an unfailing rule of nature. Karma on the other hand, is the real physical action that you consciously and thoughtfully perform in response to any given surrounding (karmaphal).

Karma and karmaphal are two sides of the same coin. They are always coexistent and should not be dissected into two parts. If because of habit and mental preconditioning, you still view them as two different entities, please remember that karma (action) is always the result of karmaphal (reward) and not the other way round as generally perceived. Karmaphal is what comes early and in turn generates the karma through you. When you get born, that is a karmaphal and then it initiates a series of karmas. I was born in a good family and got good education. That was my karmaphal, and now as a result of that I am serving the society as a doctor. My actions (karma) as a doctor were made possible because of all my education and experience in the past. All the karmaphal of my past life has brought me to this point today that I am offering you this alternative Health Program. In my Public Awareness Programs, I could have talked about standard research based Endocrinology. That would have given me an ideal recognition from the society. I however choose to talk this philosophy because this is how I personally experience the situation. What I am talking here flows out of me spontaneously and effortlessly. It fills me with bliss. In my understanding, this is what karmayog is. Your actions, for which you have been specially created, fill you with unimagined bliss. Karma liberates. And for that reason, only the action is important and not the reward. The so-called reward is just your shadow. Don’t follow the shadow; let the shadow follow you. This is the secret of effortless life, effortless success and effortless health.

The Illusion of Life

Many people have asked me that while I give them so many instructions to follow, how can I still call it a program of Effortless Health. Their point is not totally invalid because for most people, it is a huge effort to follow my lifestyle program ‘The Magic of Ten’. Ladies and gentlemen, I will like to clarify, that whatever is performed because of a strong inner urge, feels effortless. My job is to motivate you to start creating a new human being out of you. The idea is so exciting that many of you will feel like following the program. For them it will not be an effort. What I am trying to achieve is some sort of a paradox. I am motivating you to willfully and effortfully reach the state of effortlessness. The two situations are mingled together. Because of the strong motivation and internal urge, the effort at some point starts appearing effortless. My job is to work like a catalyst. You have to do everything yourselves. If however I play my catalytic role properly, you will be able to clearly see the effortful and effortless aspects of life to be co-existent. It is only your attitude that decides how it would appear to you. What catches the focus of your attention becomes the reality of your life. I will show you two pictures that will clarify my point -


What do you see in these pictures?  These are two pictures, both having a young girl and an old lady in them. You can’t see both of them together. When you are strongly focused on the young girl, then the old lady would vanish. When, on the other hand you focus on the old lady, the young girl would disappear. It is impossible to see both the images together. Both the young girl and the old lady are there together in the picture, yet only one of them would be seen at a time. It's amazing how our brain works. Objects, situations and realities are always before us to perceive, yet we can perceive only what we are strongly focussed on. The above picture proves only one point that while we experience something, we at the same time fail to experience something else that exists right there. This is how life is created. Effort and effortlessness are blended together. However at one point of time you can appreciate only one of these two facts of life. Definitely what it appears to you today will not remain true tomorrow. When you would be focused on the effortless aspect of life, you would really wonder how you missed the point for so long.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you practice this program with sincerity, inclusive of both the parts of The Magic of Ten and Thought Therapy, you would have a new existence in a matter of about six months. That existence cannot be experienced or even imagined at present, where everything that needs to happen, happens by itself effortlessly.

I had a desire to create a center where people could be given a chance to practically experience what I have theoretically described here. The center would have been in the form of a Health & Wellness Resort where people could come and stay for a variable period of time and experience Effortless Health while simply celebrating the festival called life. Many things that seem difficult at individual level can be easily practiced and experienced in a group. The power of a group of strongly motivated people pursuing the same objective is enormous. My approach would reduce the cost of healthcare by upto sixty to seventy percent and that would happen effortlessly, with profound happiness as the only side effect. Because of my abysmally low entrepreneurship, I could not create that. I am certain however that such centers would definitely develop in the future. Healthcare Industry will have to give way to Wellness Industry and Drug Therapy to Bliss Therapy.

I hold monthly meetings for my group in the Seminar Hall at Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital, Sector-1, Vaishali Ghaziabad at 10 AM on the second Sunday of every month. I sincerely invite you to these sessions, which are free of charge and open to all. If you want to join the group, you can follow the link on the homepage of this site. If you join the group, never forget to check the junk mail after about a week as my system generated responses often land up in your junk space. In those months when I am not in town on the second Sunday, I send a message to the whole group. I am so passionate about this program, that I am always ready to go to meetings whenever and wherever I am invited to discuss the subject.

May you change fast and experience the immortality that is your essential nature. Best luck.

(Prof. Dr. Vipin Mishra)