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Diabetes Education

Please read this document thoroughly and understand well all the information that it contains. Diabetes is a life long disease and leads to serious, debilitating and often fatal complications. Two factors that tend to make all the difference in Diabetes management are your thorough understanding of the problem and a strong determination to make required changes in lifestyle. Following guidelines will help you in achieving a complication free, long and healthy life with Diabetes. Drugs become very effective only when lifestyle is managed well. Remember, that all the below listed methods are equally important and are to be followed simultaneously. These steps are easy to understand and follow and yet they lead to spectacular improvement in diabetic control, prevention of diabetic complecations and increased life span.


  1. Diet
  2. Exercise (Aerobics and Pressure Exercises
  3. Yoga
  4. Fixed Lifestyle
  5. Full Sleep
  6. Happy, Satisfied and Positive Mind
  7. Home Blood Glucose Monitoring
  8. Regular Consultations and Investigations
  9. Management of Hypoglycemia
  10. Diabetic Complications
  11. Insulin Education
  12. Follow the Doctor 100%
  13. Indicators of ideal control of Diabetes

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