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Dr. Vipin Mishra

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Dr. Vipin Mishra is a senior consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology. He has left India and has settled in Dubai, UAE. He is presently working as Senior Consultant Endocrinologist at Zulekha Hospital, Al Nahda, Dubai.  Apart from practicing routine Endocrinology, Dr. Vipin Mishra is also running a unique program of 'Effortless Health' for the general public as well as the patients of chronic diseases.

This site has been created to enable the general public and patients of Endocrine Diseases -


Endocrinology is a super specialized branch of Medicine that deals with diseases of hormones. Following are the common Endocrine Diseases -

  1. Diabetes
  2. Thyroid Diseases
  3. Obesity
  4. Hirsutism (Facial hair in women)
  5. Disorders of Growth
  6. Diseases of Pituitary Gland
  7. Diseases of Adrenal Glands
  8. Sex Problems
  9. Infertility
  10. Problems of Puberty (Sexual Maturation)
  11. Menstrual Disorders
  12. Metabolic Bone Disease
  13. Disorders of Milk Secretion

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Monday to Sunday: Available all days

For timings and appointments, please contact the hospital

Zulekha Hospital, Al Nahda-2, Post Box No. 48577, Dubai
Telephone: 04 267 8866; For appointments: 600 524 442

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